Henry Bierbauer, New Lisbon Wisconsin 1828 - 1902

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Henry Bierbauer mansion, New Lisbon, Wisconsin 2006 , Residence of Henry Bierbauer and Peter Fauerbach families - two historically significant brewing families in early Wisconsin brewing industry

January 2011:  Update

We hope that circumatances will permit the historical preservation of this wonderful example of 1850 Victorian architecture  in New Lisbon, Wisconsin. Please contact the Juneau County Historical Society for more information, and ways to help perserve this historical building.

Henry Bierbauer 1880's paper label (courtesy of John Stasny, New Lisbon, WI)

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Henry BIERBAUER, 1828 - 1902

Ex-Mayor Henry BIERBAUER, a resident of New Lisbon since 1859.  He was a native of  Bavaria, and was born at Einselthum, Rheinpfalz, on Feb. 12, 1828. After four years of business activity in New York city, 1850  to 1854, he went to Utica, New York, and became a brewer. His main business in New Lisbon was the brewery. 

He was also a  partner in the BIERBAUER & SMART Roller Mill Company and the H. BIERBAUER Hardware Company. 

Henry's son Peter Bierbauer and granddaughter Alma

Bierbauer Brewery keg room in 1908 - forty years after it was jointly owned by Peter Fauerbach and Henry Bierbauer

1888 Letter from Uncle Henry Bierbauer to Philip Fauerbach



H. Bierbauer Etched Glass

Bierbauer/Fauerbach Brewery in New Lisbon, Wisconsin 1859-1902

Henry Bierbauer, New Lisbon Roller Mill and Yard

Roller Mill

Wilhelm Bierbauer 1826-1893, Mankato, Minnesota 1855 - 19?? 

From Gail Gannoti:

Out in Mankato was Wilhelm Bierbauer (b.1826, d.1893) who is known as a founding father of Minnesota, as well as Indian fighter and Civil War Captain; also found the time to run a brewery.

William Bierbauer beer label



 Wilhelm Bierbauer Tray

Louis & Charles Bierbauer, Canajoharie (1869-1885) and Utica (1853-1888), New York


Louis Bierbauer Brewery, Canajoharie N.Y. 1869 - 1885

 1872 Sketch of river to West Bend, Canajoharie 


Louis Bierbauer, B. 1830, had a son, Louis Henry Bierbauer, who became a famous baseball payer for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was famous because he is one of a handful of players to hit 4 home runs in the same game, and because the Pittsburgh team stole him from the Philadelphia Athletics - AND from then on became known as the Pittsburgh "Pirates."

Louis Bierbauer Blob Top Bottle, Canajoharie, N.Y.

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