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1. Connection of grandpa Karl Fauerbach to Little Bohemia Resort and Emil Wanatka, owner/innkeeper during the John Dillenger and Baby Face Nelson shootout.  

2. Connection between Barbara Fauerbach Anheuser (born 1834, Married 1856 to Peter Anheuser), and Eberhard Anheuser of Anheuser-Busch. 

  1. Peter and Barbara Anheuser lived in Girard, Illinois, a place Eberhard is said to have visited relatives and very near St. Louis. 

  2. Eberhard was from Kreusnach Germany, only 28 kilometers from Einselthum, the home of Barbara Fauerbach Anheuser.

 3. Middleton Express and Madison - Middleton Express companies of Hausmann and Fauerbach Breweries - which distributed beer from depots in Middleton during 1919 and perhaps longer when Madison was dry before National prohibition.

4. Brunkow-Mueller Brewery 1868 - 1912, Pheasant Branch, Middleton, Wisconsin.

5.  What ever happened to the Princess II iceboat? Some say it is still around.

6. Looking for product/advertising images from the Haertel Brewery, Portage, Wisconsin 

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