Fauerbach Brewery Advertising

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Home of Fauerbach 1960 Neons on the right
1940 FBC lager 1940s  Barn Signs  -- Fauerbach  Pale Dry

Fauerbach corner post beer sign made by Tuchfarber
 848 Williamson St.
Courtesy Gary Tippler

1960s funky sign

Sturgis South Dakota -  Fauerbach sign 1940 Fauerbach tin sign

1948 Fauerbach Ad 1950 roof top lit sign on the square in Madison

Centennial Beer sign across from Camp Randall Funky clock -  "CB for Me" 

Union House Bar Old neon

1872 Fauerbach Bar E. Wilson Street

click to enlarge 1942 Phone book with page holder 

1907 Ad Home Delivery  1933 April 5th ad announcing "Return of Beer!" 

Prohibition ad for Badger Club Philip Fauerbach (rear) 1900 amateur boxer

Waukesha, Wisconsin Ad Two Rivers, Wisconsin Ad

April 1900 Fauerbach bock beer ads in classifieds of Capital Times, Madison, Wisconsin

Hillmer Liquors East Washington, Madison, Wisconsin

(courtesy Warren  Hillmer)

Hillmer Liquors East Washington, Madison, Wisconsin (courtesy Warren  Hillmer)

This keg has a pump inside and is plumbed to circulate liquid through the Perlick beer tap system into a (missing) container and down into the keg again. This was on display at Hillmer's Liquors on East Washingon during the 1950s

(Courtesy of Warren Hillmer)

Ed with a 1940 Fauerbach Pale Dry lager April 5, 1933 Fauerbach Capital Times Ad

Place your orders NOW! Prohibition ending Friday!

(Courtesy of Tom McCormick)

1903 Ringling Brother Circus  Fauerbach Ad Fox Lake Wisconsin Fauerbach Ad

     1961 Madison Retriever Club Ad            Telephone 17      1940 Ad


Fauerbach Coaster  Prohibition Ad - FBC Malt Beverages and Soda

Nectarine Malt Tonic Ad 1907

1950's Fauerbach CB Neon and outdoor sign, Millard's Tavern Late 30's Fauerbach Beer signs at Bubbling Over Tavern Mazomanie, Wisconsin

One of the most amusing German dialect comics of his generation, Jack Pearl was "Baron Munchausen," or simply "The Baron," teller of tall tales. His ridiculous lies would have even outraged the original Baron von Munchausen. When the whoppers got progressively more outlandish, his straight man would protest. And Jack would fire back his catch phrase: "Vas you dere, Sharlie?"

Jack Pearl as Baron Munchausen in "Meet the Baron" October 27th, 1933  1939 University of Wisconsin Ad

1936 Fauerbach Calendar - "On Top of the World" Tin over cardboard (T.O.C.) sign
1940s Fauerbach light box 1940 Fauerbach sign

1948 Wisconsin and Fauerbach Brewery 100 Years old 1950 Grocers Convention

Neon -  Can be seen today in the Come Back Inn, Madison

Rare - Vitrolite Sign  Large Outdoor Tin sign 1940s

Karl Haertel Fauerbach and Karl Pribnow Fauerbach -- handmade mugs

Seltzer Bottle and Mugs

(2) 1848 - 1898 Fauerbach's, Breckheimer & Bierbauer Fauerbach Beer Glasses 

Fauerbach Cans Sports Can 

1950's CB 

 Oscar Mayer & Fauerbach: 1938 megaphone Wisconsin vs Minnesota 

1940's Flat top Sports Can art 1/2 gallon with wire and rubber top

(Courtesy of Elaine Hilt)

Bottle caps
Fauerbach Ball Knobs / Tap Knob / Playing Cards / Salesman Sample Bottle / Spinner-opener

Last bottles 3 Full Badger Club IRPTs  -- 2 different green bottles  (Courtesy of Dorothy and Al Spriester, Evanston, Illinois)
Howell Root Beer bottled by Fauerbach & Fauerbach Cherokee (Cherokee Marsh) Sodas Varsity Beverage 1940s
Fauerbach Varsity and Badger Club Sodas Fauerbach  24 pack and 12 pack 1940 - 1965
31 gallon barrel  1960 Fauerbach Delivery Truck
center side - 2 NR 12 oz bottles
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