Louis Fauerbach 1860 - 1925, businessman, familyman, brewer, outdoorsman, duck hunter

Louie was an avid duck hunter. The images below show Louie with an LC Smith 12 ga. side-by-side shotgun at his family hunting land  on Cherokee Marsh near Madison, Wisconsin. Be sure to check out the gun today, and his duck boat gun bag which we reproduce and sell through our online gear store, and the "shot and a beer" poster we made as one of our bar signs - featuring Louie and buddy Walter Stock.    

Shot and beer poster Fauerbach

1905  - Louis Fauerbach on the right with Walter Stock duck hunting at cabin on Cherokee Marsh 

1902 L.C. Smith Damascus steel barrel 12 gauge 
British Walnut stock

Louis Fauerbach 1902 LC Smith in 2012
duck boat gun bag
Tough and durable gun protection -  heavy cotton duck in olive drab with velcro closure Gun case on sportboat with beer case for jump shooting, gear, and lunch
Folded wet/dry inside duck boat gun bag  Before the 32 mph winds and whitecaps
duck boat gun bag You need these bags to protect your shotguns
wet bag - dry and protected gun inside during rainy trip to blind
Raining hard.  Really pouring now - fowl weather for sure
This day started at 60 degrees with clouds and ended at 40 degrees and really honking. The winds got to 32 with 2 foot whitecaps. Getting off the river was tough. No way to go into the wind. Glad I had my Benelli Supernova shotgun in my duck boat gun case.   Serious gun protection.
It does not float nor does it have a zipper but it's indespensible. 

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Results  2 drakes mallards and two teal.
Great Grandpa Louie hunting ducks around 1900
Louis Fauerbach and first cabin at Cherokee on the Yahara River Louis and  Sport
Louis-  brewery general manager and brewmaster Henry Fauerbach Posing near the Indian mound
1899 Louis Fauerbach (right) and hunting partner Walter Stock 1887 sketch of Louis at Cherokee Marsh by Schmidt of 3F Laundry
Louis Fauerbach  Louis Fauerbach
A cabin on it's way to Cherokee Marsh The Shack 
One of 2 cabins near the Yahara River and indian mound

Fauerbach Brewery History

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