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Peter Fauerbach 12/17/1831 - 4/12/1886

Louis Fauerbach 3/17/1856 - 12/13/1925

Emil Fauerbach 2/4/1870 - 5/22/1915

Karl Haertel Fauerbach 1897 - 1967

William Fauerbach, Officer, Brew master, and Hall of Fame Ice boater

Amelia, William and Louis Fauerbach 1918 on Rutledge Street 

Mildred & Karl in Cuba

Karl and Calvin Korfman, Stevens Point CEO

Karl on the UW Crew

Finishing Department Brewmaster Max Nowak and Head Brewmaster Bill Fauerbach

1915 FBC Baseball Team

1950 Baseball Team

Frank Hess Cooperage, Madison Wisconsin

1933 Brewery Group at Cherokee 

1938 Brewery Group 

O.J.Schroeder -- see special stories

1941 Pepsi Crew on Blount Street across from Fauerbach Brewery

The sheriff just picked-up some Fauerbach Beer

Maynard Polenski checking washer.

Perry Hibma in cellar with tank layout 

First rung on the ladder for Peter 

          Prib (my dad) behind the bar 

Dad pumping oil.

David, Neil and me.  April 2005 Gray Brewery

      Mom - Barb

Dad - Prib

Jack Brockert - foreman who could crush a bottle cap just by looking at it, next to CB sign that says "over 8 million sold..."

Alfred Christensen 54 year employee & Prib.   

 Sales staff

August Ladwig-- Keg room Manager

1948 Wisconsin Bowling Tournament Sponsors

Karl Fauerbach - Don Huseby- Bill Fauerbach (back row)

Rommie Moreth ( second from right front row)

McCarthy and Dad after work in the bar room

          John McCarthy and Dale Melius

Mike Zwank - 40 years  Karl Pribnow Fauerbach - 4th generation brew master take over in 1957



John McCarthy 1966 

Sign says:  Largest Small Brewery in "Spirit"

Bar from two other angles

Bottling Line

Esser Distributor Truck

144 barrel kettle used every day

2 tall ones aging in the cellar

Johnny Bossart, Father of Bowling Madison, 

Wisconsin, Bowling Hall of Fame

40+ year staff: 

Karl Fauerbach, Alfred Christensen, John Bossart, Mike Swank

Ed with a Fauerbach Pale Dry lager 1940 Bob Feitag and Family, Fox Lake 
Bottling house crew 1900
Back row: 2nd from left - John Beck, 3rd - Al Christenson (54 years with FBC), 7th - Bill Abel, last - Fritz Grasser. Front row: 1st - John Nelson, 3rd - George Rosein, 4th - George Soehnlein, 5th - George Schwartz, 6th - Gus Erickson, 7th - Sebastian Gersbach.
shorty levenick

Shorty Levenick
 Kurt Rubisch Brewmaster 1947  Bob Albertus, Unknown, and  Bill Brockert
The images below are from the family of Louis Fauerbach (1886 - 1925), the oldest of 6 sons of the brewery founder Peter Fauerbach
1025 Rutledge Louis and Amelia Fauerbach 938 Spaight Henry Fauerbach Midred Pribnow (Karl) Fauerbach
5 Sons - Louis, Karl, Bill, Walter and Frederick Louis and Frederick
Karl and Mildred at Virginia MN Karl across from brewery on Willy st. Amelia and Louis on backporch
Dr. Louis Fauerbach
Mignon on Monona

Brother Philip Fauerbach at Cherokee Marsh
Engaged at Rutledge
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