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1880 Fauerbach Brewery Lithograph 1905 Fauerbach Brewery Lithograph
1868 Crew - Peter Fauerbach front, center 1890 Bottle House Crew

Fauerbach horses

1880 Fauerbach Brewery Joseph Bossart
Peter Fauerbach Children - Charles, Emil, Henry,William, Philip,Louis  1872 Bar at Wilson Street near the brewery - See implement row in background
Fauerbach Germany 1853 - 1953  --notice the harp badge icon Ole Olson's Tavern  - Ridgeway
1848 - 1898;  50-Year Anniversary Glasses 1907 Advertisement for Home Delivery
Prohibition  - new bottle washer $60,000 Fauerbach Buildings pre-1900
Last known Image of "The Seven Lively Arts" by Bernhard Schneider, American Panorama Company, 1905   A Newsprint Image in 1958, 10' x 16' ceiling mural.
1903 Wisconsin Football Program (inside cover ad) Badger Club Beverages During Prohibition 1919 - 1933
1907 Newspaper Ad 1905 Nectarine Ad - see Labels page
Lakeside View #1: Brewery, Bottle House, Ice House, 1919
Lakeside View#2: Brewery, Bottle House, Ice House, 1919

Avenue Hotel owned by Henry Fauerbach during prohibition Announcement of 210 room expansion plans

Lithograph by Frank Tuchfarber, Brewery Art Co., Cincinnati, Ohio

Fauerbach Bar reopens in April, 1933

"On the day prohibition ended in 1933, a crowd of 5,000 ecstatic people mobbed the street outside the Fauerbach Brewery on Madison's East Side, waiting for the beer barrels to start rolling once more. A lot of them were German, and they led the crowd in rousing beer hall songs.  Others just cheered, and a few reportedly wept with joy."

Madison, Wisconsin phone book, May 1933. The first issue after the end of prohibition
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