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Hess Cooperage 1904 - 1966,  Madison, Wisconsin

Frank J. Hess Cooperage story by Gary Hess of Madison Wisconsin
Hess beer barrel cooperage

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Gary Hess has published a wonderful book documenting the Hess beer barrel cooperage of Madison, Wisconsin.

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Chain sawing trunk

Rail siding

Sawmill quarter sawed oak


Mill saw

Loading quarter sawed oak barrel heads

Missouri white oak staves in steam room

Stave bender


Frank Hess Sr. on Coopers Lathe

Barrel truss hoop driver

Crozing lathe tool

All 4 Hess sons with the last white oak barrel made in 1966

Photos on this page are by courtesy of Gary Hess Family collection and the State of Wisconsin Historical Society

Frank Hess Sr. worked until he was 84. He became a cooper in Pilsen at the Pilsner Urquel Brewery.  Grandson Gary Hess lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and is the family historian.


In 1904, Henry Fauerbach persuaded Frank to relocate his operation to Madison Wisconsin. Hess Cooperage was the longest and last running oak beer barrel cooperage in the US 

Frank J. Hess

Gary Hess with pony keg (1/8th barrel)

Peter Fauerbach with 1/4 barrel made by Hess

1910 Fauerbach beer wagon with 37 barrels from Frank J. Hess Cooperage, Madison, Wisconsin 1930's Fauerbach beer delivery truck from Ideal Truck Body --still operating in Madison

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