Fauerbach Ice Yachts 1870 - present   

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1960 iceboating on Lake Monona  ( Fauerbach brewery in background )

Iceboating Champions Poster Series  - Number 1 - Ron Sherry 

The Official Beers of the Four Lakes Iceboat Club

Fauerbach "Cold Draft" on Lake Monona 2007 - Renegade Class 

Hub' Tetzlaff and Coomie Korsma with Princess II - click it!

The Fauerbach Brewery, located on lake Monona, was the home base for family ice yachts and sailboats from the 1870s to the 1960s. Iceboats included the Scout, the Minnie, F.B.C., Princess I, II, and III.  The Princess II was designed by William Bernhard, and sailed by Emil Fauerbach, Andy Flom and William Bernhard.  Princess II won many races and achieved local fame. Emil offered $100 to anyone who could beat the Princess II. 

Read more about the sport of ice boating at the website of the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club. This website is packed full of history and information.  www.iceboat.org 

Left: Princess III and Fauerbach Brewery on Lake Monona, Madison, Wisconsin 1919

Princess II Ice Yacht A-class Iceyacht owned by Emil Fauerbach

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Andy Flom, Emil Fauerbach, and William Bernhard on the Princess II iceboat.
William Randolph Hearst Trophy Cup Below

First Winner:  Emil Fauerbach 1914, Princess II :  A-Class Ice Yacht

Emil Fauerbach 1870 - 1915

"Ice in their veins!"


" Henry Fauerbach, brother of the winner declared last night at the Illinois Athletic Club in Chicago that his victory will be a great stimulus for Ice Yacht racing throughout the whole Northwest. "  "According to reports from Kalamazoo, the Princess will be put on a (rail) car in a few days and shipped to this city. Emil Fauerbach and his crew, William Bernard, Andrew Flom and Russell Nelson are expected home tonight or tomorrow."   

Fauerbach Brewery Postcard 

Princess II , Lake Monona , Madison Wisconsin


A-class fleet ready to rumble on Gull Lake near Kalamazoo Michigan. Princess II is flying the Fauerbach Brewery and Princess Flags second from left. Notice the sail areas on these A-class  boats.

Phillip Fauerbach and "The Minnie" named after his wife

 Louis Fauerbach kids on "Scout"

Future Ice boater Bill Fauerbach on Princess I

Bill Fauerbach looking fast 

C-skeeter "Cammy" built and photographed in the late 50's by Al Motelet of Madison, Wisconsin.   

Cold Draft"  - a Renegade Class work of art 

 1/1/2005  -- First Sail with " Cold Draft" on  Lake Kegonsa, Wisconsin
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