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Governor Farwell / J. Rodermund Malt House, Madison,  Rodermund Malt House before Tenny Park Locks on  Yahara River 1940s - Effinger sign and Fauerbach Sign 
John Rodermund  Madison Turner Society Rodermund's Madison Brewery City Directory Ads 1850 - 55
  COINS: With the advent of the War and the Government's suspension of payments in gold or silver for the face value of a coin, it became profitable to melt coins for bullion value and circulating coinage rapidly disappeared. Tradesman were forced to issue a medium of exchange to supply the place of small coins. Civil War tokens made their first appearance in Cincinnati in 1862. In 1863, New York followed this example. These coins were accepted as a means of exchange. However, their irresponsible character soon attracted the attention of the Federal Authorities. With the passage of an act of Congress in 1864, forbidding private individuals from issuing any form of money, the Government to put a stop to their issue. 
1860's John Rodermund, 3 Barrel token, Madison Brewery; Later Malt House Beer 5 cent Token 

Wm. Voigt Brewery Token (pre-Hausmann) Capitol Steam Beer   Son Edward Voigt Rheingold Tray: Detroit, Michigan

1892 William Voigt  (courtesy of Greg Harvey) Son Edward Voigt  (courtesy of Greg Harvey)
1884 Voigt Poster (courtesy of Greg Harvey) Edward Voigt Home Detroit 1916  (courtesy of Greg Harvey)
1895 Edward Voigt Rheingold Ad Detroit, Michigan

Edward Voigt Rheingold Tray (Courtesy of John Liedel)

Voight-Pros't IRTP label Detroit
Voigt Brewery, Detroit, MI,  Match Safe Madison Malt Extract Co., Madison, Wisconsin

 1880's Brunkow and Mueller blob top bottle - mint 1890's Brunkow and Mueller Tray, Pheasant Branch Middleton, Wisconsin, 


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Waubesa Club Label for Madison Malt Extract Co., Madison, Wisconsin