Fauerbach Brewery Images - Post Prohibition 
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Fauerbach Pale Dry 1947 -  State Bowling Tournament 1955 Williamson Street View
1933 Beer Parade to Cross Plains, Wisconsin - WCTU Entry 

Karl Fauerbach on steam engine -used as a temporary kettle boiler in 1933 

1933 Repeal of Prohibition Cross Plains Parade Entry  Iowa Beer Depot truck coming out of Ideal Body Shop, Park Street, Madison

Fauerbach Brewery 1963   1940s Looking West from Williamson Street

Fauerbach Bar made by Brunswick Corp in 1903. The sign says Largest Small Brewery in "Spirit" Swiss Cheese & CB Display 


144 Barrel/280 Keg Kettle with copper top --used every day Grain and hops elevator from rail siding to upper floors

Cellar candle and wort color tester Oil lamp and hand made candle holder

Balance for brew master Unknown

Model railcars crafted by Scott Monsma, Madison, WI Keg Branding Iron
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